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Make your OTT Platform Come True

We are experts of Streaming Platform

With over 6 years of experience in streaming systems.

Multiple Monetization Model

Fully FlexibleRequirement & Development

Save Budget and Development Time

Supports Use Both in Thailand and Worldwide.

Native Mobile & TV OTT Apps

Supports Multi-devices

Our OTT Streaming Platform by iApp Creation

Deliver your Premium Content with Our OTT Solution.

Video On Demand in Your Mind

Offering flexibility it allows viewers to choose and enjoy your content.

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Make Unlimited Revenue with Monetization Models

Subscription VOD Platform (SVOD)

Weekly, Monthly, Yearly with auto renew.

Transaction VOD Platform (TVOD)

For Video Renta

Advertising VOD Platform (AVOD)

Home Page banner, Pre-roll and Mid-roll video ads. Skipable and non-skipable.

Coupons Redeem

Generate Coupon for Promotion or Selling to any channel.

Your Platform Safety, Our Priority

Driving Exceptional Streaming Experiences

Payment 2c2p

Global Cloud Services by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Restricted Access Control

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Watermarking & Avoid Screen Capture and Camera Recording

Get Everything You Need in The VOD Platform

Core Features your platform needs for simple video streaming with cutting-edge infrastructure.

Streamline & Manage Your Video

  • Content Management
  • Preview content movie
  • Content  Banners
  • Featured Items (Shelf)
  • Customer Support

Choose Your App Look and Feel

  • Change only color tone based on the specified platform
  • Change wording based on the specified platform
  • Change the your branding logo.

Covering multiple platforms


Microsoft edge





Secure online Payment

Your Gateway to Safe and Smooth Transactions

  • Payment 2c2p
  •  Stripe Payment Gateway (Web browser).
  • Apple App Store in-app purchase
  • Google Play Store via in-app purchase
  • Support Multi-Currency

Registration & Login from Popular Social

  • User Profile Registration and Login
  • Age verification
  • Agreement Management
  • 3rd Parties Login

Strategic Insights

Tracking Video Business With Report & Analytics

  • Dashboard today
  • Daily views and New Users
  • Active Users
  • User Registration
  • User Feedbacks
  • Viewer by title and episode
  • Top 20 movie viewing

“We are experts of Streaming Platform that make it easy for you to have your own Streaming Platform”

Our Clients


  • Already launched in 2018
  • Available Thailand only
  • SVOD, AVOD, Coupons Redeem, Ad-supported

Support multi-device

  • Mobile (iOS, Android)
  • TV (tvOS, Android TV)
  • Web Browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

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  • Already launched in 2023
  • Available 40 countries
  • SVOD Only

Support multi-device

  • Mobile (iOS, Android)
  • TV (tvOS, Android TV)
  • Web Browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

iApp OTT solutions Catered every business industry

Redefine entertainment experiences with OTT. Deliver a vast array of movies, TV shows, and original content directly to viewers’ devices

Transform healthcare delivery through OTT solutions. Offer telehealth services, fitness classes, and wellness content.

Bring the Excited of live sports directly to viewers with OTT streaming. Enhance fan engagement by delivering real-time game anytime, anywhere.

Communications and training within businesses using OTT. Streamline communications, onboarding processes, and training sessions.

Revolution learning with OTT in the education. Provide on-demand access to educational content, training modules, and virtual classrooms.

Connect with and engage your religious community. Deliver live broadcasts of religious services and events, enabling worshippers to remotely.

Affordable Pricing and Premium Streaming


Growth and Maximum Value

    • Multi-Device Support
    • Media Player
    • Multiple Monetization Models
    • Payment Gateway and in-app purchase
    • Support Multi-Currency
    • Security, Geo blocking and DRM
    • Video Content Delivery(CDN)
    • Content Management System(CMS)
    • Supports bulk uploading of content
    • Encoding & Transcoding
    • Customizations & Third-party Integrations
    • Analytics & Reports
    • 24x7x365 Support

    Why Customers Love iApp Solution

    A Partner You Can Trust

    We are a Japanese company and we asked iAppCreation to develop a service to distribute our content globally.
    In addition to the short development period, iAppCreation was able to meet our various requirements for a global service, and we were able to successfully launch the service.


    ‌It is also important to note that even after the service was launched, the system has been operating without any serious problems.


    After that, they continued to develop other systems for us and made system proposals that materialized our requirements.
    They are not just a system development company, but a very reliable partner that can provide total services including design, user interface, and operation and maintenance proposals.

    – Watanuki san –

    Answers to Your Streaming Questions

    What is an OTT Platform?

    An OTT (Over-The-Top) platform is a streaming service that delivers video content, audio content directly over the internet. Users can watch movies, TV shows, and original programming on various devices, like smartphones and smart TVs.

    Start your platform with our team of experts to create solutions for your business objectives. 

    Can I monetize my content?

    Yes, you can earn unlimited revenue with our 4 monetization models i.e. Subscriptions, Pay-per-views, advertising space, and coupons are redeemed for sales discounts.

    Does provide analytics and reporting?

    Tracking Video Business With Report & Analytics i.e. Dashboard today, Daily views and New Users ,Active Users ,Viewer by title and episode ,Top 20 movie viewing

    How secure is (Name OTT)

    Security for your platform and content such as Digital rights management (DRM) ,Watermarking & Avoid Screen Capture and Camera Recording,Restricted Access Control,Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Global cloud Services by Amazon Web Services (AWS)